We help deliver a right first time solution for you business which saves you money and hassle with the regulators.

We provide Quality and Safety Management Systems that support and help grow your business.

All our staff are experienced industry people, trained to support your business development and delivery needs for total quality and safety management. This allows you to not just meet your responsibilities under EASA regulations but helps your staff understand what they need to do and looks to do so in a way that helps close sales and grow your business. We pride ourselves in working with you in a way that recognises how your organisation operates and supports your business objectives.


Effective auditing supports your SMS and helps to ensure you are not paying for unnecessary parts or ineffective services. Our staff are experienced quality and airworthiness managers and have worked both in MRO as well as Part M organisations and are trained auditors – they understand what they are looking at and the implications.

External audits can be provided for all Parts of EU.1321 – Part M, Part 145, Part 147 organisations, Part 66 accredited awarding bodies and EU.748 (Part 21), ISO 9001 series and ISBAO.

Named independent compliance services available.

Auditing records and physical aircraft surveys for ARC (Airworthiness Review Certificate) and aircraft condition reports.

Review of suppliers, including MRO and Part M organisations.

Findings reported and discussed at the end of the audit with full written reports within 5 working days.


Why choose us for Training?

Our training staff are all aircraft maintenance engineers who have hands on and practical experience of  ‘doing the job’ meaning they are able to address and respond to specific queries and issues raised with confidence.

Our trainers are all still involved in day to day operations . They are quality, safety and compliance experts who understand and apply the EASA and CAA requirements on a daily basis within a number of different organisations.

AQMS delivers training in its own training centre or we bring the training to you. Providing ‘in house’ means that training is developed to meet the needs of your business and allows your staff to discuss issues that have arisen in confidence. Our training customers often find that they identify a solution to a recurring problem during training because of this ability to discuss issues freely and in confidence.

For example:

Company A was having repeated CAA audit findings; the underlying root cause was identified during our delivery of a bespoke compliance course, allowing them to close the findings and move forward.

Company B was experiencing repeated aircraft damage during maintenance, the underlying root cause was identified during our delivery of a Human Factors course, allowing them to rectify the issue and avoid having to make costly repairs to customers aircraft, release aircraft on time and protect their customer relationship.

If you want bespoke and quality training for your training budget use AQMS to deliver training for your most valuable asset—your staff.

Part M • PART 145 • Part 147 • Part 21 • Compliance • Human Factors • EWIS • Fuel Tank Safety.


Quality Management/Compliance training for 21 G Production Organisation – 3 days
Quality Management/Compliance training for Part M – 3 days
Quality Management/Compliance training for 145 – 2 days
Quality Management/Compliance training for 147 – 1day

Document control; auditing techniques, including dealing with and closing findings and ownership of findings; regulation including AMC & GM; managing the audit programme; root cause analysis.

Compliance familiarisation training for post-holders and other staff
Part M and Parts 21 G – 2 days

145; 147 1 day

Overview of regulation; responsibilities of Post holders; working within the regulatory framework


Process auditing to meet EASA standards – 2 days
Preparing to audit; auditing practices; agreeing findings; root cause analysis; closing actions

Human Factors initial training 2 days, refresher training 1 day.
Initial Human Factors training meets the Part 145 requirements for maintenance organisations. Training covers all the basic principles of human factors in maintenance and airworthiness as well as topical issues that are causing concern in the sector.

Refresher training open courses meet the requirements by addressing topical issues within industry, in-house training for organisations will address any issues identified by that company and gives a refresher of the basic principles of Human Factors.

Fuel Tank Systems Safety Training Level one half day; Level two 1 day; Level 2 refresher 1/2 day.

CDCCL and EWIS familiarisation, fuel tank systems integrity including exam, Level one course is a familiarisation with fuel tank safety for staff not working directly in critical areas.

Safety Management Systems – 3 days.

Addresses the ICAO, EASA and CAA requirements for SMS; includes practical hazard identification and risk assessment exercises; discusses methods to develop integrated management systems with examples of assessment tools and templates. Meets the ISBAO standard.

Bespoke in-house or open access training – please email for details


Make your Company Expositions Manuals and Procedures work for you.

Close more sales and help to grow your business with our service.

We can help you to produce these important documents in a way that supports your business objectives and brings in more sales whilst reducing the cost of making amendments in the future.

We specialise in producing bespoke company manuals, including working in areas that are not subject directly to EASA Approvals. These support Organisations who are, or are seeking to become, ISO 9001 or 9120 accredited to not just meet the ISO requirements but are delivered in a way that is proven to help close more sales.

Before writing any expositions, manuals or procedures we will take a thorough look at your business. We will see how you work, and assess the solutions you have found to meet the many challenges of running a company in the aviation sector and use your solutions to create the paperwork needed; we work with you every step of the way.

We will avoid using complicated language when writing any procedures, so that you and your staff can easily see what is needed to meet your obligations and your customers can better understand the service or product they are buying. This will support an increase in sales whilst ensuring you always comply with the regulations. We will not suggest unnecessary changes. Any changes that we do ask you to make will be to help you meet your compliance requirements in a way that is least disruptive to your business.

Our customers have found their sales increasing and their business expanding with AQMS produced documentation.


Your organisation will already be managing risk but the extension of SMS requirements for Part 145 and Part M organisations due to be implemented means that there will be a direct requirement for these organisations to demonstrate how they manage risk within their business. Let us help you to manage this in a way that allows you to maximise benefit from your investment in your SMS programme and improve your bottom line. Parts suppliers and other supply chain organisations increasingly have to identify their SMS programme to their customers to enable operators to meet their requirements.

AQMS has been working in risk management and compliance for many years and we understand what is necessary to implement the requirements in a way that will support business objectives and demonstrate to the regulator that an effective SMS is in place.

We are able to support your development of your risk management programme through training, mentoring and working with you to identify and develop your system, whether you decide to opt for one that is aviation compliant or that addresses the multiple risks managed by any business. We are able to support this to be fully integrated with occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001), ISO 9001 quality management, and environmental safety management (ISO 14001), including using the ISO 31000 risk management standard and BSI 3110 code of practice, giving you flexibility and choice when you decide how to manage your business risk in a cost effective way.


Cost effective solutions to meet compliance and business development needs.

We are delighted to provide either a whole package or individual one off solutions to:-

Review the scope of your business, where you are and where you want to be.
Review aircraft types and numbers.
Assess management structure and facilities.
Produce supporting procedures.
Audit against written expositions and procedures.
Submit to regulatory authority for approval.
Provide internal audit plan.
Audit against plan.
Manage company authorisation system.
Audit maintenance providers.
Provide annual review.
Be in attendance for regulatory audits.
Manage mandatory and internal occurrence reporting system.
Support implementation, train and manage for SMS.


Before writing any expositions or procedures we take a thorough look at your business. We see how you work, and discuss with you the solutions you have found to meet the many challenges of operating a business in aviation. We will not look to change the way that works best for you or how you do things unless this is needed to meet compliance requirements or we can identify ways that might support your goals in a more effective manner. Changes that we do ask you to make will be designed to help you met your compliance requirements in a way that is least disruptive to your business. We avoid using unnecessary complicated language when writing any procedures, so that you and your staff can use these operationally and easily and see what you have o do to meet your obligations, making it easier for you to comply with the regulations. Our Directors work closely with the regulator and other companies in the sector to identify and develop competence and training provision for the industry. We ate recognised for providing any training that you and your staff may need to help you follow your Procedures, or we will recommend an appropriate Training School to help with your training needs. As well as providing complete quality management support for your organisation we offer training, external auditing and airworthiness support services. We help you to be comfortably in charge of your compliance and aim to make your quality provision as invisible and pain free as possible, allowing you to concentrate on delivering your core business objectives.


Maintenance is one of the major costs of operating an aircraft, why pay more than you need?

Our professional staff have hands on experience with both MRO and Part M requirements and have been able to save our customers thousands of pounds on their maintenance costs by carrying out due diligence auditing of the aircraft and work packs towards and at the end of maintenance inputs, providing a cost effective solution to reduce maintenance charges.

Review staff for ARC are also available along with aircraft and record surveys prior to aircraft purchase.

What people say?

I thought that quality management was a drain on resources until I used AQMS

John Doe

The manual that AQMS produced for us has helped our customers understand what we do and our business has grown as a result

Jane Doe

I recommend AQMS to other companies because of the quality of their training and support

Joe Bloggs